Choose to make an impact with an ethical purchase

According to the Joint Economic Committee, fashion is a $1.2 trillion global industry, with more than $250 billion spent annually on fashion in the United States.  That’s a lot of money, but where is that money going?  Who made your products?  These are questions we don’t often stop to ask.  Mostly because it never occurred to us that we should ask.

April 23rd-29th is Fashion Revolution week.  It started in 2014 to remember the 1,138 people that were killed and many more injured on April, 24th 2013 when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed.  During this week, you are encouraged to ask the question, “Who made my clothes?”

At Sseko Designs, that answer is easy.  You can see the faces of the women that are involved in the production of our product line.  They write their names on the tag of each product they create.  Their stories are told to evoke change and create an impact on the fashion industry.

The global fashion industry exploits workers and leaves them in poor working conditions.  Small steps can be taken to create change and require higher standards in fashion.  Your money speaks volumes, and while yours is only a small amount in a vast pool, it can still have an impact.

Here’s what you can do!

  1. Choose to purchase ethically sourced products.  You can start right now by taking money away from industries that choose not to value humans and instead, support industries that are creating change.
  2. Tell a friend about this small change you are making and encourage them to do the same.  Find a company, like Sseko, that you can get passionate about and stand behind.
  3. Share on social media this simple step you are taking to impact the world.  Show that you are choosing to partner with a company that is concerned about its employees.
  4. Feel good ab0ut the decision you made to be the change.  Feel beautiful in your products that have changed the lives of workers in an ethically sourced fashion industry.
  5. Ask your favorite brand, “Who made my clothes?” Be the voice to your favorite brand that ignites the change.
  6. Stop buying some labels.  If you find that your favorite brand is creating your products at the expense of other people, stop buying them.

I am a Sseko Fellow.

I believe God has called us to look out for the poor, the forgotten, and those in need.  Sseko is an excellent company to partner with in making a meaningful impact on the world.  Reaching across the ocean and joining in the work with a sole sister is a fantastic opportunity to create real change in our society and to honor God.  I am a Sseko Fellow so that others can hear this incredible story, learn how to become a part of this impact driven company, and be a part of the change in our world.

As a Sseko Fellow, I am a representative of Sseko in my community. By sharing the Sseko story with my community and selling Sseko products through trunk shows as well as online, I become an integral part of making dreams come true for women in Uganda. From the in’s and out’s of social entrepreneurship, to running an actual small business, to marketing and product development, as a Sseko Fellow, I have the opportunity to learn it all. Oh! And I also make money, earn free and discounted products and have a chance to participate in things like trips to Uganda and annual Sseko Fellow gatherings.

Choose to make an impact with an ethical purchase or join with a company and help spread the word.  Feel good about your decision.  Create change in the world you live in.  You are awesome and you can be the change!

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