5 ways to get more movement into your day

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My weight loss journey has stalled for about three weeks now.  I have continued fasting, but the lack of physical activity has not increased.  I mean any form of movement.  I homeschool my kids so a majority of the day I spend sitting with them.  They get up and take play breaks, but I sit and grade papers or get ready for the next lesson.

Sitting is something I do a lot of.  One of the things I’d like to add to my day is fun.  Fun with the kids.  I could get more movement in my day if I would just go outside with them when they take their break.  Here’s what I’m going to do this next week, I’m going to stop and play.  I’m going to have fun.

Five ways to play

Exercise cards are a great way to turn exercise into fun.  We bought a deck Superman exercise cards to help incorporate exercise into our walks.  When you go to the park or for a walk, take the cards with you and stop to play (exercise) while walking around the park.  Choose an area with a bench and level ground.

Jump on the trampoline.  Jumping is a fun and easy way to get some exercise and still play.  Play tag so that everyone is running or hoping quickly around the circle.  Jump and touch your knees.  Set a timer and don’t stop moving on the trampoline until it goes off.  If you don’t have a trampoline, then jump in the yard.

Play soccer in the yard.  Set two goals at either end of the yard.  Use anything for this as long as everyone knows where the goal line is.  Now kick the ball, everyone chases the person with the ball.  Try to get it from them or keep them from kicking the ball into the goal.  You will have to help smaller kids and encourage older kids to slow up and give the little ones a chance.

Have a relay race or set up an obstacle course.  Time yourselves running around the course and then keep trying to beat your best time.

Play tag.  Spend time chasing each other around the yard.

Get moving

These are simple ways to get more movement and activity into your day and the added benefit of being super fun for you and your kids.  Not only will you get the exercise you need but you’ll also be making great memories with your children.

That’s what I’m going to do this week, get out and play (exercise) with my kids.  I want to encourage you to do the same thing.  Find 10 minutes each day and pick an activity you can do with your kids.  Remember, be intentional about this time.  Find the time to do it and make it happen.

The road to weight loss is long and slow and steady will win the race, but sometimes you have to act like the rabbit to take the pounds off.  Don’t lose hope or get discouraged.  Keep playing and find ways to get more movement into your day.

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