Ministry to know about: Beautiful Feet Ministries

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Serving is a significant part of our journey, and Beautiful Feet has been a part of that journey since the beginning.  Beautiful Feet is in downtown Fort Worth.  It is a church for the homeless.  A place where the homeless can come and be accepted as they are.  It was started in the 80’s by Mike Myers.  He and some seminary friends were sharing the gospel with the homeless people at the water gardens.  When considering where to take the people to church the next Sunday, it soon became apparent that they wouldn’t be welcome at most churches.  Finding a church for the homeless laid heavy on Mike’s heart and from that, came Beautiful Feet Ministries.

Beautiful Feet has a morning devotion and afternoon church service every day of the week.  They serve breakfast and lunch every day.  There is a dental clinic, a medical clinic, and an eye clinic along with showers, laundry facilities, and discipleship programs.  They are set up to utilize volunteers every day to love and minister to the homeless of Fort Worth.  People are welcome to come and help out in various ways around the church every day.  Friday nights are outreach nights where you go to the night shelters, out on the streets, to the tent camps, local assisted living home, biker night, movie night, or praise and worship night.  Children are welcome to come and serve alongside their parents learning and growing as they do.

Our Story

Fast-forward several years to 2009.  Our story with Beautiful Feet begins.  Casey commented one day that he thought God was calling him to learn to play the guitar.  Why would he call him to do that?  What a weird thing to envision.  He bought a guitar and found a friend at church to give him lessons every Wednesday night before church.  He was right; God had plans for him.  Not too long after he started playing, he was invited to lead worship at a soup kitchen.

To be honest, Casey wasn’t a professional guitarist.  He only knew a very few basics, but he had a great voice and a heart that was willing to go.  Once down there he found a need for a regular worship leader on a daily basis, and he filled that position for about a year.  We had just had our first child, so we brought him down with us as well.  Our small family soon became a part of this little church for the homeless, and it changed our lives forever.

Seeing God Move

Beautiful Feet is a place that will mess you up.  It is a place where God is at work in so many different ways, and he moves and acts according to his will in a way that splits your heart wide open.  The sad truth is, this is how the church should be, and that is how it messes you up.  You can’t keep living your little American life the way you were any longer.  You now have to live and see life differently.  You now have to be aware of God’s calling on your life, your willingness to respond and go.  You become confronted with your Churchianity as Mike would say.  Are you too busy doing church and not enough time being the hands and feet of Christ to the lost of this world?

God has done so many amazing things at Beautiful Feet, and we love getting to be a part of their journey.  We love the stories of men and women who had been homeless for years, but because of Beautiful Feet, they have been transformed into marvelous new creations.  What a joy it is to see a man change over the course of a year; to see the difference in his life, in his face, and in his eyes.  What a remarkable road it is to walk with them and encourage them.

If you haven’t been to Beautiful Feet, then you need to go.  If it has been awhile since you’ve been there, then it’s time to go back.  God is at work in the lives of those who step out of the four walls of their church and out onto the streets.  Be used by God in only a way he can use you.  Step out of your comfort and into his care.  Be transformed and renewed through obedience to his call.  Beautiful Feet is a place where God exists, come and meet him there.

Proverbs 28:27 Those who give to the poor will lack nothing,
but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses.

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