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Sseko Designs Sole Sister

Every Sseko Fellow is partnered with a Sole Sister in Uganda, meet my Sole Sister Teddy.

About: Teddy is from Kawempe, though she grew up in Masaka. She enjoys tailoring, especially making bags. She loves joking around and also knows how to make mats and weave baskets. Her favorite food is matooke (plantain) with g-nuts (peanuts). She hopes to make bags and sew dresses one day at Sseko, but for now, she enjoys the work she is doing. Her dream is to be a businesswoman.

Sole Sister

Over the course of this year, we will be able to write to one another and encourage each other in the work that is being done. Teddy will be making the products. I will be selling them.  Meaning she is a part of the production team and I am a part of the sales team. Sseko is a partnership between the women in Uganda and the women in the US. One can’t exist without the other. In this same way, when you purchase a Sseko product, you are a partner with us as well making the circle complete and connecting us all!

In this regard, Sseko is not a charity.  Sseko is not an aid organization that is selling products to raise money for a non-profit. They are trying to run a GOOD BUSINESS that makes the BEST product and treats everyone in the company with the dignity, honor, and respect that she deserves. Sseko is using the power of capitalism to create opportunities for women and girls that didn’t exist before both here in the states and Uganda!

The power of earning is so much stronger and life-changing than being given money.  Women need opportunities to impact her world and make a difference.  Opportunities to work hard and be proud of the money they have earned.  Giving someone the great sense of accomplishment is worth so much.  That is why Sseko does not give, they empower.

Your Sseko purchase

I think it’s important to know that Sseko is a company in which every woman involved from the production line all the way to the consumer is treated fairly and with great value.  When you choose to purchase a Sseko design, you are making a conscious decision to support women and their work.  Your purchase is going toward livable wages for all women involved.  By choosing to purchase a Sseko product, you are helping to expand their reach and impact in the world.

By choosing to make an ethically sourced purchase, you are choosing to empower women as well.  Moms are given the opportunity to stay at home while still contributing to the household income by partnering with Sseko.  Building your own business as a fashion consultant and offering women the chance to host fun parties in their home that will indeed make a difference in the world.  It’s a fantastic company to be a part of.  When you purchase from a Sseko Fellow, you empower them to be home with their families while still contributing to society.

You will feel good about your Sseko purchase, every time you look at it you will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment because you made a difference.  You will feel stronger and bold as you walk down the street in sandals handmade by women in Uganda.  Your purse will give you strength because you know that no one had to suffer for you to have this stunning product.  Your purchase connects you to a sisterhood of women around the world. Use it to remind you that you as a woman can be both a warrior and a lover, hospitable and a giver of presence, or show strength through vulnerability. Let your purchase make you brave this season!

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