Losing weight is a little easier through accountability

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Losing weight is not an easy thing to do, but you can make it a little easier through accountability.  It takes work and dedication.  Choosing to be intentional.  I am going on week 6, and it’s working but some things are still hard, and they kick my butt now and then.

Accountability partner

I truly believe having someone to hold you accountable and be there through the rough times will make a difference in your weight loss journey.  My husband is that person for me in some ways.  He isn’t allowed to say much:)  But I appreciate how he listens to me and allows me to talk.  He also encourages me to keep going without any extra advice.

I am using intermittent fasting to lose weight, so my biggest accountability partner is God.  Each day I fast God convicts me of the pull food has on my life.  Food is yummy and necessary, but the mindless eating habits I had formed are not.  My need to pile my plate high and then eat it all along with snacks and dessert is not beneficial.  God has been gently leading me down this path to draw me closer to him and free me from my addictive behaviors.

I have come to realize that food is where I go to for security.  Fasting has brought that issue to light, and I am working on it.  Each day I fast I talk to God about my hunger.  He has opened my eyes to what food necessity is. I live such a blessed life, and hunger has allowed me to see that more clearly.

Who’s your accountability partner?

Friends are great to talk to and encourage you but trusting God to direct your path will grant so many more rewards than just weight loss.  It’s not the extra weight that is the problem.  The wrong focus on life is.  Overeating is a sign of the underlying sin.  We hate to call it that but when we turn to a bag of cookies instead of prayer, we’re sinning.  When we spend all our money on snacks and special treats each week but can’t find any extra cash to help the poor, we’re sinning.  I’m not trying to make you mad or hurt your feelings, but sometimes we need truth in our lives.

Let God be your accountability partner.  Start fasting, not as a weight loss tool but as a way to align your life with Christ.  He can break down the strongholds in your life that you don’t have control over.  He will lead you to calm living and peace through rest in him.  Trust in God and he will be the best accountability partner you’ve ever had.

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