Why you need to know about Sseko

A few months ago I heard Liz Bohannon speak at a woman’s conference that I thought I was going to for the art journaling, but God had other plans. I could not get her story out of my head. It is such an amazing story!!!! It makes me cry every time I talk about it because God is doing such amazing things.

Sseko’s story

Sseko was founded by Liz Bohannon in 2008 after she felt the call of God to go to Uganda.  Liz began talking to the women that were living in extreme poverty.  She had a deep desire to connect with these women and to befriend them.  During this process, God directed her to a school.  Here she found beautiful intelligent young women that had very little hope of continuing their education at university.

With her direction and path now clear, Liz hired three girls to work with her making ribbon sandals for the next nine months. Her promise was that they would make enough money to go to university.  She brought the sandals back to the States and began selling them out of the trunk of her car.  Mary, Mercy, and Rebecca were able to go to university that fall.

Sseko has now enabled 100 young Ugandan women to attend university.  19 women are selected each year to partner with Sseko making shoes for the 9 months between high school and university.  During this time, the women work hard to create beautifully handcrafted products that we as Sseko Fellows have the privilege of providing to you.

I want to partner with Sseko in making a difference in the lives of women in Uganda and women here in America. I am a Sseko Fellow and I am excited to share this ethically sourced handcrafted product line with you.

My Why

I believe God has called us to look out for the poor, the forgotten, and those in need.  Sseko is a great company to partner with in making a meaningful impact on the world.  Reaching across the ocean and joining in the work with a sole sister is an amazing opportunity to create real change in our world and to honor God.  I am a Sseko Fellow so that others can connect to this amazing story, learn how to connect to this impact driven community, and connect as we are the change in our world through informed purchases.

Our Tribe’s Journey donates 50% of all earnings from the blog and Sseko Fellows program to various ministries.  I look forward to sharing how God is working in the ministries we support.  Consider partnering with us either by purchasing ethically sourced products, hosting a Facebook party or trunk show if your in the DFW area, or joining team Sseko and becoming a Fellow.


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