How to make portion control work for you

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I love to eat!  That is probably one of the biggest reasons I have weight issues.  I love food.  I love the texture, flavor, feeling, smell; I love everything about it.  I hate limiting myself to what I can and can’t eat.  That’s a significant binge session waiting to happen.


Food is my weakness.  I guess I never saw overeating as sin, so I never thought much of it.  When I was young I never had any weight issues apart from being too thin (yes, it’s a thing kids will make fun of you for).

Now that I’m struggling to lose the weight and reestablish healthy boundaries, what do I need to do?  That’s where portion control comes in.  I can choose to continue to eat the same things that I love so much; I just eat less of it.  Instead of having a soda and enjoying the entire can of tingly bubbles and that burning sensation as it runs down your throat followed by the euphoric feeling of pure enjoyment, have a sip.

Portion control does not work with an entire bag of candy in the house.  I have to be careful and only bring in what I’m going to eat.  If I have a whole bag, one just won’t be enough.  Don’t buy the mega size bag, opt for the smallest single serving available.

Cheesecake by the slice is so much better than an entire circle in the house.  I will finish that sucker up in a matter of days (hours).  One slice every couple of hours makes it seem like you’re not overeating but when the entire thing is gone after dinner, you know you’ve messed up.  Is your self-control as bad as mine?  That’s why I’m careful what I bring into my house.

Yes, healthy alternatives are great, but this isn’t about those.  We can talk about that another time, right now we are focusing on not saying no to something, just say no to all of something.  Allow yourself what you want and limit the amount.  It’s a win-win for your head and your stomach and with time your hips.

Here are a few steps to follow for portion control

  1. Opt for the smallest size available when eating treats.
  2. Use a smaller plate for meals.
  3. Eat slower!!  This is big, enjoy every ounce of what you are eating.  Slow down and enjoy it.
  4. Take a bite, and then walk away.  Go outside and find something to do.  Enjoy that one bite and then leave.  Sometimes I wonder back in to finish it off but give yourself a chance to be satisfied with a taste first.
  5. Don’t have an entire cake, pie, batch of cookies, etc.  in your house.  Why torture yourself.  It’s not healthy, and you won’t be able to resist.  It is better off in the trash than in your stomach.
  6. Let’s revisit the healthy option idea for a quick minute, fill up on your healthy option first and then enjoy your smaller portion.  This gives you a chance to get full on good food before you start eating more fattening food.

We have an abundance of food available to us, and it requires some work on our part for that to stop being an issue.  Practice self-control and limit your portion size. Choose to enjoy what you want just in smaller quantities.  There will be times to enjoy going a little overboard, like Mom’s peanut butter cake for your birthday, but the rest of the time needs to be handled with portion control.

You can do this and I can too.    One slip is not game over; it means next time is a new opportunity to show that you are growing and taking control of what you do.  You are not a slave to your desires, you have been set free, and you are free indeed, John 8:36.

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